At Eonian, we place a premium on the security of your investment. That's why we've innovated beyond the traditional audit approach with our comprehensive "vertical audits".

Unlike standard audits, which primarily focus on code, vertical audits offer a holistic examination. This includes not only the code but also the operational mechanisms, administrative roles, upgrade paths, and critically, the team behind the protocol.

Now, you may wonder - why does the team matter? Here's an insight. The DeFi world is riddled with stories of protocols hacked, not due to a vulnerability in the code, but because of mismanagement of protocol access or, worse, intentional misconduct by the team. Such risks often bypass traditional audits, as they focus primarily on code, not people and processes.

However, with Eonian's vertical audits, we scrutinize these aspects too. By keeping an eye on who's in charge and how the protocol is managed, we can spot potential threats and deal with them proactively.

So, beyond just examining the protocol’s code, we delve into the human element behind it, ensuring that there's a responsible, trustworthy team at the helm. This proactive, comprehensive audit approach helps us safeguard your investments from all possible angles, including those usually ignored.

Vertical audits exemplify our commitment to redefine the DeFi landscape by making investor safety and protocol resilience our top priorities. It's just one of the many ways Eonian is working towards a safer, more secure DeFi space for everyone.