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<aside> ❗ Aggregation of valuable resources and knowledge about security in DeFI. Its primary focus is on smart contracts and DeFi protocols, but it also touches on blockchain-related hacks and common scams in the DeFi space.


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Solidity Bugs and Vulnerabilities

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There is a list of currently known hacks and vulnerabilities which can be used by a bad actor to get control or somehow interfere normal logic flow of a smart contract or protocols. It is heavily based on SWC Registry but also has a few vulnerabilities that are not subject to the requirements of the SWC Registry.

All of the vulnerabilities have links where they are fully described with examples. Some of them have additional links to resources where they can be studied. Also, part of the cases are already abused and have links to the known case with the amount of lost money.

Last update: March 29, 2023

List of Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts

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